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Next to helping organizations with their brand strategy, or filming, I really love sharing my view on things. I share my thoughts and views as a speaker, but also during guest lectures. I leave the stage every time with a big smile and tons of energy! Please find my topics of interest below:

Branding (for start-ups)

I can't help it; I just have a huge passion for branding. And therefore I love sharing my knowledge about this topic. I do this trough different forms: either by hosting workshops, giving guest lectures or as a coach at start-up & incubator programs. It's my goal to help as many people possible. 

Change Makers

I've always been fascinated by what is happening around me in the world. As a 6-year old, my favorite 'show' on tv was the news for example. As it was pretty clear to me that we live in an unfair world, I've always had the feeling that I wanted to do something. Make a contribution to the world. That's how I founded 'Uncover Impact' recently. I get truly inspired by real Change Makers. One of the reasons why I interview them for example. But I mostly want to share my story, and show that anyone can make a change in this world. Even without a huge amount of money in your bank account.   

Some of my clients

I already gave talks at: Erasmus University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Albeda College, SpareSpare, de Stadsondernemer, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rotary Club. Oh and let's not forget: Make it Matter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!


We reguarly need experts who want to share their knowledge with our start-ups at the Fontys Centre for Entrepreneurship. I approached Nienke as she is specialized in branding for start-ups. A subject that resonates with our students. Nienke combines theory with practical examples during her guestlecture. The start-ups can therefore put this in practice right away. I would definitely reach out again to Nienke if this topic will be addressed during the program in the future.


Nienke has recently given a talk for our Rotary club chapter Waalwijk. During her talk she addressed the importance of branding in our society. To me it was such an interesting topic, and Nienke covered this important and difficult subject with lots of enthusiasm. I can highly recommend to hire Nienke as a speaker as you gain a lot of knowledge in insights in a short amount of time. Good luck Nienke!


I've met Nienke during an event and I immediately could see her passion for branding. Her face lifts up as soon as she starts talking about this subject. 

Therefore I asked Nienke to give a workshop for 'De Rotterdamse Stadsondernemer' about branding & storytelling. It was an inspiring workshop that I still remember clearly to this day. You do remember someone by it's unique story, not by a standard pitch. Together with 6 entrepreneurs we've working a whole morning on their brand strategy. Nienke took care of everything: she brought paper, markers in all kind of colors and she prepared some exercises. We not only received new information, we also started to put this in practice right away. Clear steps that the entrepreneurs could use straightaway. This workshop was a success!


Got curious about how I can inform, inspire or connect with your audience? Are you looking for a young & enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves being on stage? Send me a message trough the contact form below, and I promise to get back to you within 2 business days. 

Because people can only care about things they know about
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