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You do have a great marketing team, but you miss a brand expert

Every now and then, you come across questions like:

* How do I communicate my company culture with potential employees?

* Which message do I need to use for my different socials?

* How do I talk to my target audience?

* Should I be present on Instagram?


* Which quick wins are there to establish a better brand? 

Nienke Appels 2.JPG

* A brand expert who can advice you every now and then. 

* Someone who can take up the temporarily role of brand expert within your organization. 

* A branding enthusiastic who loves to share her knowledge about this topic with your employees or students. 

Therefore you are looking for

As a brand expert, I can help you in the following ways:

Option 1: Brand Consults

*During your 1-on-1 session you can ask all your branding related questions to a brand expert. 

* This is either face-to-face in Rotterdam, otherwise it is online.

* You immediately know which steps to take to bring your brand to the next level.
* You are not stuck with any contracts. 

The investment for a session of maximum 2 hours is 300 euros ex VAT.

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